• Boundaries and Rules
    Mindfulness Coaching

    Rules Are Meant to Be Broken

    Most people have rules that they have put on themselves and many times people don’t even think about these rules. These are just things that have always been done that way in their lives. Some people put limits on their lives and rules that they don’t even realize. They create the rules for who they are and what they believe in. Some of the rules are meant to be broken while some are meant to be in place. If you get past your boundaries and you do things that you never thought you could do, it can be empowering and it can help you to be stronger in who you…

  • Manifesting
    Mindfulness Coaching

    Manifesting Things Through Talk

    You know the idea of speaking things into existence, but did you know that it’s a real thing? You can go out into the world and speak things and then when you speak to them it can raise your energies. Since energy is connected to everything, the effect it has on the universe is tremendous. You can speak tings into reality and the idea behind it is that you can manifest just by talking. You can intentionally use the way that you talk to make things happen in your life. To speak things and intentionally manifest, it means that you are thinking about what you want and then you are…

  • Self-Confidence
    Mindfulness Coaching

    How to Have Self-Confidence

    Some people overlook the idea of self-confidence, but the truth is that having more self-confidence can help you to have romantic relationships, friends and even a better job. Being confident in who you are is easier to talk about than actually feeling it. Some people are able to feel good about who they are and what they do almost at any time but for some, this isn’t so easy. There are ways that you can learn to have more confidence in your life. Here are some ways: Think About When You Feel Confident Just like the times that you feel that you have no confidence, or you have a lot…

  • Soul
    Mindfulness Coaching

    Enlightening Quotes for the Soul

    The soul is a very spiritual thing. Are you stuck where you are or are you moving forward? Maybe you are a saint but you don’t have to be in order to have a good life. When you are spiritually awake it can mean that you know what your purpose is and you are reaching your higher self. As you go through your awakening, you will see that you are changing the way that you look at things in your life. This will cause you to have a life changing and inspirational present and future. Here are some inspirational quotes that can help you to keep your soul strong: “We…

  • Healing the Inner Child
    Mindfulness Coaching

    Healing the Inner Child

    Do you have a voice that is inside of you that reminds you of when you were younger? No matter how old you get, you will always have your inner child with you. This is your younger self. If your younger self was hurt or misunderstood in your life, chances are that you are carrying this pain with you. Inner Child Work Inner child work is a way of healing and a way of dealing with past hurts and attachment wounds that you have developed over time. Everyone has an inner child, and this is usually an inner child that didn’t have the love that was needed for it to…

  • Regret-Free Life
    Mindfulness Coaching

    Five Steps to a Regret-Free Life

    Regret is a pretty rotten feeling. The saddest phrase in the world is “if only.” Nobody wants to live a life filled with regrets. Regret hurts. Pangs of regret can be overwhelming. Most often, the things we regret are things we didn’t do, rather than things we did do. We feel bitter for not doing something we wish we’d done. We grieve for not saying something we should have said. We lament neglecting to do things we knew would improve our health and sense of well-being. But you can make changes that will reduce the length of your list of regrets. You can connect to your true inner self, muster…

  • emotions and your fears
    Mindfulness Coaching

    How to Fight Your Inner Demons

    Do you have things in your life that you have been hiding and you now realize that you need to have a change in your life? Facing Demons When things are inside of you for a long time, you have to change the way that things are, and you have to learn to shift the way that you think and what you are doing. Why are the things inside of you such a threat to you? Sometimes you have hidden demons in your life that you have to work through. Do you go to school or are you in a business that causes you to feel tense and to feel…

  • Live Stress Free in Life
    Mindfulness Coaching

    Learn to Live Stress Free in Life

    Living a stress-free life means that you get rid of things that cause you pressure. Stress can affect you in your mind, body, emotions and even in your spirit. Stress takes who you are and take a healthy person and deforms you into something else. When your life feels out of balance, stress can cause your life to be influenced. You have a choice about what you allow in your life. You can choose to live stress free. Stress and Health Stress can cause your life to have challenges. Stress is the enemy and once you lose focus on your life, you will lose your health. This can take a…

  • Change Your Life
    Mindfulness Coaching

    How to Stop Gossiping and Why it Can Change Your Life

    Have you ever trusted someone that took what was shameful even for you and they spread it around? Have you had someone that betrayed your confidence? Gossip is something that almost everyone knows about. It is something that people almost seem addicted to. People never look at their lives and realize that they are addicted to gossip but they are fast to tell something that has nothing to do with them or to share things that should have been kept to themselves. People are often gossiping, and they will do whatever they can to tell someone what is going on. They will want to call their sister, or their boyfriend…

  • Taking a Personal Pause Today
    Mindfulness Coaching

    Consider Taking a Personal Pause Today

    Never ending emails, the needs of our loved ones, the latest fire we need to put out at work – life comes at us hard and fast.  Unfortunately, this causes us to react rather than to act in a thoughtful manner.  The best way to navigate this is to go against instinct, and give yourself a break.  Here a few options that you can weave into your day to give yourself some time to rest.  Consider practicing the activity for 30-90 days and suddenly you’ll find it becomes part of your routine. Breath before hitting send! Have you noticed texting or email the wrong person or sending something off before…