• Live Stress Free in Life
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    Learn to Live Stress Free in Life

    Living a stress-free life means that you get rid of things that cause you pressure. Stress can affect you in your mind, body, emotions and even in your spirit. Stress takes who you are and take a healthy person and deforms you into something else. When your life feels out of balance, stress can cause your life to be influenced. You have a choice about what you allow in your life. You can choose to live stress free. Stress and Health Stress can cause your life to have challenges. Stress is the enemy and once you lose focus on your life, you will lose your health. This can take a…

  • Change Your Life
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    How to Stop Gossiping and Why it Can Change Your Life

    Have you ever trusted someone that took what was shameful even for you and they spread it around? Have you had someone that betrayed your confidence? Gossip is something that almost everyone knows about. It is something that people almost seem addicted to. People never look at their lives and realize that they are addicted to gossip but they are fast to tell something that has nothing to do with them or to share things that should have been kept to themselves. People are often gossiping, and they will do whatever they can to tell someone what is going on. They will want to call their sister, or their boyfriend…

  • Taking a Personal Pause Today
    Mindfulness Coaching

    Consider Taking a Personal Pause Today

    Never ending emails, the needs of our loved ones, the latest fire we need to put out at work – life comes at us hard and fast.  Unfortunately, this causes us to react rather than to act in a thoughtful manner.  The best way to navigate this is to go against instinct, and give yourself a break.  Here a few options that you can weave into your day to give yourself some time to rest.  Consider practicing the activity for 30-90 days and suddenly you’ll find it becomes part of your routine. Breath before hitting send! Have you noticed texting or email the wrong person or sending something off before…

  • Spot Signs of Distress
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    How to Spot Signs of Distress

    When your life is good and you feel motivated, you will see that opportunities come to you and that you are able to be motivated and get things done. This can make you feel that you are excited and full of life and that life is amazing. But then what happens when everything starts piling up on you and deadlines come in. Maybe your time gets busier and busier and you have a hard time getting things done. You become stressed and anxious and you realize that you are tired and that you rarely rest. Everyone has been in this situation before and you need to pay attention to what…

  • Learn to be More Motivated
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    Learn to be More Motivated

    Have you ever felt like you didn’t want to do anything but lay around and be lazy? This is something that often happens to people because they are overworked or because they need to have rest. What happens though if you are no longer feeling any kind of motivation? Some people call this period in your life a slump. If you have felt these things, you are not the only one. Some people work and have many days where they just feel that they don’t want to do anything. People often get tired of repetitive work and this can cause them to be in a fog. Having motivation has come…

  • Learning to Accept Your Life
    Mindfulness Coaching

    Learning to Accept Your Life

    Learn to be real with yourself and learn to face your own reality. Many people have their own idea of what is real and when they do this, they face a life of regret and disappointment. They are always looking for a better life and they can’t wait for things to happen. They might want their children to go to college or they cannot wait to retire and slow down. When someone does not connect with a real reality, they close off their lives and they have unfulfilling things happen to them. There are many things that you can do with your life and you can learn to accept things…

  • What Things Can Only Hold You Back?
    Mindfulness Coaching

    What Things Can Only Hold You Back?

    There are things in everyone’s life that holds them back from time to time and here is a list of things that you need to stop letting hold you back: Phone Numbers People that never answer your texts and phone numbers that you never really call or respond to. Uncomfortable Exchanges Things that you have saved so that you can read them over and over again like mean or uncomfortable text messages or emails. These will make you feel bad all over again each time you read them. Online Subscriptions Subscriptions or online stores that you cannot afford. They send you tons of spam mail and get you to spend…

  • How to Stop Being Jealous!
    Mindfulness Coaching

    How to Stop Being Jealous!

    Jealousy is something that people look down upon. Jealousy will ruin relationships fast and will destroy good things in your life. Jealousy is often linked with romantic relationships and this happens because people are worried about losing the person that they love, and this causes envy. Jealousy can cause there to be anger and sadness and can make you feel that you are being refused what you need. Here are some ways that you can handle jealousy and be in control of your own feelings: Find Out Why If you get jealous there has to be a reason. Look at what is causing it and take steps to change your…

  • Stopping Emotional Manipulation
    Mindfulness Coaching

    Stopping Emotional Manipulation

    There are people that will manipulate others and make them feel bad because they don’t want them to be happy. This is considered emotional manipulation and is something that you need to remove yourself from if you are in it. Here are some ways that you can deal with emotional manipulation: Emotional Manipulator You might tell someone something that has hurt your or caused you pain and instead of apologizing, they are telling you the reason that they did what they did and they are proving to you that they are not a bit sorry. Even though you said what you had to say, this means that you have nothing…

  • When Life is Uncertain
    Mindfulness Coaching

    When Life is Uncertain

    When things are uncertain, it can mean that you have all kinds of possibilities that are going to open up to you. If you want to know about your past and you cannot remember, look at the way that your life is now. Think about what you want in your future and what kind of actions you are taking to get there. Reality will only come when there is uncertainty in your life. We all have a place in our life where we want to make plans and we have to learn to be courageous. We want to be in control of our life, but life is unexpected when we…