• Dealing with a Backstabber
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    Dealing with a Backstabber

    There are many people that are nice to your face but then talk bad about you behind your back.  They are insecure in themselves and they make up stories to make other people look bad.  Some of them will act like they are your best friend and will try to win you over, just to turn around and stab you behind the back.  They wear a mask and act like you are best friends and then gossip about you when you aren’t there to defend yourself. When dealing with a backstabber, the only time that they have any power is when you turn around.  When you want to deal with…

  • Dealing with a Backstabber
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    What is Empathy and Why is it Important?

    Empathy is important because it means that you care about other people.  This means that you can understand the emotions of other and that you care about what they are feeling. Empathy Empathy is the ability to understand what another person is going through.  Some people have an understanding of empathy while others do not.  Some feel that if you are not empathetic to others, that you are not really doing what you have to do in life, and this is a goal everyone should have. Different Types of Empathy There are different types of empathy such as: Cognitive Empathy This is when you understand how someone feels and thinks.…

  • 5 Ways to Bring Happiness into Your Life
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    5 Ways to Bring Happiness into Your Life

    People are discovering that happiness is largely something that we create rather than something we experience. This is apparent with the number of life coaches, manifesting coaches and other self-help programs available today. There is some science behind the thought. Scientific studies indicate our brains aren’t set in their wiring but can be “rewired” with the type of activities we participate in. There is also a scientific study that suggests that gratitude positively rewires our brain. With this in mind, how can we increase life satisfaction? There are several practical ways we can start this process that can make a huge difference in a short time. Here are five ways…

  • Haters will always hate
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    Haters will always hate: How to use haters as fuel for success

    There will always be haters once you have reached a certain point of success in your life. These are individuals who are either jealous of your achievements or do not believe in your values. Letting individuals get you down is not that hard. In the same way, we don’t like it when people talk to us badly. The truth is, we can stop these haters from being around us once we have achieved our goals. Therefore, you only have to options, to either let them affect you or take advantage of the situation. Below are ways you can use haters as fuel for success: Know that you are not doing…

  • Gossip at Work
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    Gossip at Work

    Gossip will follow you to any workplace or office and people will always talk about their co-workers.  Rumors and lies are things that can ruin careers and when you find out that people are talking about you behind your back, it can be hurtful.  This can also cause the team to have no unity or productivity. When rumors start, have these ideas in mind: Address Them If someone is talking about you in a way that is inappropriate, address it completely.  Gossip can be part of harassment and if you have to approach someone, do it in private.  Always be firm about how you feel about it and make sure…

  • Manifest Your Dreams
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    Manifest Your Dreams

    You can use the Law of Attraction to help you manifest your dreams.  This means that the Law of Attraction can be whatever you want it to be, since some people have goals and dreams, they can use this to reach them, but why? People don’t reach their dreams because they limit themselves and the world around them.  This causes them to sabotage themselves and can lead them to regret their life.  We all have the power to make our dreams come true, but we have to be able to shift our thinking to a positive manner.  If we use the Law of Attraction to make our dreams come true,…

  • How to clear of office drama
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    How to clear of office drama

    Most likely you’ve come across an office gossip or two at your company if you have been in the working industry. Whether you have crossed paths with an office drama queen or had a bit of exchange with the HR, I know you can think of any time when a co-worker’s business was the topic of conversation. The eight hours most of us spend at work every day are enjoyable when we work with individuals we like and enjoy conversing with them especially about non-work related topics. There are several aspects of work that can be tiring. People hate Mondays for many reasons. That’s why it’s easier to get involved…

  • Everything’s Fine, So Why Am I Sad?
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    Everything’s Fine, So Why Am I Sad?

    It’s perfectly normal to be sad now and then, though it doesn’t feel good. We may be sad because we’re facing serious issues. Or, we may just feel “blah” with no apparent reason. Since you’re reading this article, it’s probably safe to assume that you’re feeling sad in the absence of any obvious reasons. In other words, you just feel sad, and you wonder why. There are things you can do to cope with your sad feelings and to feel better. It should go without saying that if you suspect that your unexplained sadness may be the result of one of the illnesses listed above, your top priority should be…

  • Ways of pampering yourself
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    Ways of pampering yourself

    Pampering and having some ‘me time” is very important for your development especially mental health and happiness. Below are ways you can pamper yourself: Go to the spa This does not have to be expensive. You can check out your local spas for something good. Several of them have discounts especially for visitors and monthly specials for everyone. Maybe you can’t afford a full-day pampering, that doesn’t mean you don’t do it at all. You can request for a half-day package as long as you feel good and relaxed. Rest with meditation You can take well care of yourself through meditation. Meditation has several health benefits and also helps you…

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    You are going to fail if you succeed long enough in your career. And if you fail long in life, you will succeed in the long run.it is through the failures that we learn to be successful if we embrace those failures and do something constructive with them. In any case, you fail, consider the following steps to help you bounce back: Be grateful When we encounter obstacles in times of failure, like job loss, we can discover a lot of things that make us grateful. We can only succeed if we appreciate everything and express gratitude daily and discovering the beauty of our lives. Deepens support system That’s the…