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When the Moon Sign Affects Your Feelings

When you look at astrology, you know that the sun sign isn’t the only important thing that tells you who you are. There are other things that can help you to understand why you think and act the way that you do. Your moon sign is equally as important.

You can understand the signs in this way:

  • Sun sign: Means that you have an outer self and ego.
  • Moon sign: Means that you have an inner self and strong emotions.
  • Rising sign: Means that you like your appearance, or you are impressed with things.

As you understand these three signs you can learn to understand your personality and how complex your life might be. The moon is part of the feminine energy, and it means that it has a natural movement. There is a waxing and waning phases and the Cancer is ruled by the sun.

As the Crab works and moves, our emotions and the intuition inside of us gives us a new meaning. The moon can be new and can show you that you need to start over and that you need to renew your life.

If the moon is full, it can mean that you want to be enlightened and you need to take new action. A full moon can make you feel excited or having chaos in your life. The moon will balance the energies of the celestial bodies.

Aries Moon

This is a person that takes risks and that wants to have positive affirmations. They believe in what they believe in, and they are very optimistic.

The Moon at this time is a persistent moon that keeps people motivated. You often exaggerate and see things as unfair in this moon.

Taurus Moon

This can mean that you have peace and that you know that you are your biggest priority. You like to sleep, and you like to be left alone and if someone bothers you then you will attack.

The moon in Taurus can mean that you love nice things and that you are smart and creative.

Gemini Moon

As a clever person this moon can have mood swings and be restless. They do both good and bad and they have a hard time making decisions.

When you are being nice, you have positive energy but when you are being mean you will have lust and manipulate others.

Cancer Moon

This is a moon that is motherly and will show you your emotions. You will know if you are sensitive or if you have strong intuition inside of you.

You can look at your taste and see that you can tolerate things but that you hate dealing with stupid stuff. You love friends and families, and you are emotionally intimate with them.

Leo Moon

This is the moon that observes what is going on and is self-sustaining. This is a moon that has a sense of self and one that loves to be in the spotlight. You may also like to be alone, and it just depends on what you are feeling at the time.

Virgo Moon

The Virgo moon happens when you are observant, and you are needing the opinions of others. You love to be organized and property and you are naturally graceful to others. You have good speech and behave good.

Libra Moon

The Libra moon means you are probably romantic, and you love to be in love. You want to be intimate with someone and you want to be with someone that sends you money or gifts. You feel good when you get to buy nice things, but you are sometimes superficial and selfish.

Scorpio Moon

This moon is a passionate person and sometimes someone that is sneaky. This person can be intense and can-do things to get their way. They will manipulate or do what it takes to be in control of their life.

They love to be in control and will only share their emotions when they are close to someone.

Sagittarius Moon

This moon is one that is a restless sign. This person loves to be adventurous and will be determined to do whatever they desire. They have a strong imagination and are very optimistic. They love philosophy but are full of mood swings.

Capricorn Moon

The Capricorn moon or the goat is one that is in control of their situations and if not then they will figure out how to be in control. They are very disciplined and do what it takes to get what they want.

Aquarius Moon

This is a sign that is very futuristic and one that loves to share their social life with others. They aren’t afraid to try anything and will experiment a lot. This can get them into trouble because they forget they are at work sometimes and they daydream of what they can get into.

Pisces Moon

This moon is one that is loving and compassionate. They are very sensitive and romantic, and they love to be in drama. They give to others, and they do what they can to make people like them. They are balanced but very moody.

Final Thoughts

The moon sign is one of the most important signs when it comes to your personality. You can understand how your moon sign affects you by reading the article above. Find out what your emotions are and how they affect your life and what you are going through.

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