• Stopping Emotional Manipulation
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    Stopping Emotional Manipulation

    There are people that will manipulate others and make them feel bad because they don’t want them to be happy. This is considered emotional manipulation and is something that you need to remove yourself from if you are in it. Here are some ways that you can deal with emotional manipulation: Emotional Manipulator You might tell someone something that has hurt your or caused you pain and instead of apologizing, they are telling you the reason that they did what they did and they are proving to you that they are not a bit sorry. Even though you said what you had to say, this means that you have nothing…

  • When Life is Uncertain
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    When Life is Uncertain

    When things are uncertain, it can mean that you have all kinds of possibilities that are going to open up to you. If you want to know about your past and you cannot remember, look at the way that your life is now. Think about what you want in your future and what kind of actions you are taking to get there. Reality will only come when there is uncertainty in your life. We all have a place in our life where we want to make plans and we have to learn to be courageous. We want to be in control of our life, but life is unexpected when we…

  • Staying Motivated When Things are Hard
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    Staying Motivated When Things are Hard

    Reaching your goals can be one of the best feelings in the world but the truth is, when you are trying to reach your goals, sometimes it is easy to become unmotivated and to feel like you are failing. No matter what kind of goal or project you are involved in, when you are going to succeed, you have to be motivated. This can be anywhere from a new project to losing weight. When you reach your goal, you can find that you have a strong feeling of success or that life will reward you for doing what is right in your life. This is why that you have to…

  • Feeling Stuck
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    Feeling Stuck

    Look at your life. Do you need to have new experiences? Take a step back and look at the differences that you feel when you think more about yourself. No matter what kind of feelings this gets you, if you feel strange, awkward, good, happy, whatever you feel, take a new leap. Take a step towards a new job or doing something you wanted to do like a new hobby. Move somewhere new or buy a new house. Have a new idea and use it. Nothing lasts forever, or maybe it will. Take a step towards being happy. Get rid of the pain and hurt in your heart and stop…

  • Live Your Best Life
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    Live Your Best Life

    People want to be happy and have a good life. We want to feel like we are connected to ourselves, our world and to other people. We want to be a part of the universe and to make a difference in everything we do. We also want to be able to be proud of what we have accomplished and to know that we lived the best life we could live. Everyone is different as to what they feel their best life is. Life is full of values and full of differences and each person must choose what makes them happy. Stopping the Best Life Living the best life is what…

  • Signs of Being Too Emotionally Needy
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    Signs of Being Too Emotionally Needy

    An anxious attachment style can lead to excessive neediness that can destroy a relationship. The good news is, there is still hope. People need people. We are wired to need one another. This means that emotional neediness is not a bad thing nor is relying on others, but when it comes to extremes then things can go wrong. It’s common to lean more on a partner when going through something challenging in life because we need that extra bit of love and support, but when too needy, an unhealthy dynamic is created. This ruins relationships quickly. If you find yourself overly needy and out of control, it is time to…

  • Finding Happiness Again
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    Finding Happiness Again

    When you have recently broken up with someone or you are struggling with areas in your life, take time to find out what your zodiac says and how you can find happiness. Aries (March 21-April 19th) Go out and do things that are fun even if your heart is telling you to stay put.  Don’t let stress or sadness keep you from doing something good. Taurus (April 20th to May 21st) This is a time to treat yourself to do something good.  If you want something, spoil yourself and do it. Gemini (May 22nd to June 21st) Find a way to get rid of your excess energy.  Take an exercise…

  • How to Find Yourself When You Are Lost
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    How to Find Yourself When You Are Lost

    If you feel that you are lost in your life, lost in your relationship, in your job or even in your relationships, you are not alone.  This does not mean that you will never find who you are, it just means that you are going through a period of transformation.  The point of this is to make sure that you don’t get stuck in the place of lost and that you learn to create a life of love for yourself. Loving Do you like to have fun? When was the last time that you had any fun?  When was the last time that you let things go and that you…

  • Dealing with a Backstabber
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    Dealing with a Backstabber

    There are many people that are nice to your face but then talk bad about you behind your back.  They are insecure in themselves and they make up stories to make other people look bad.  Some of them will act like they are your best friend and will try to win you over, just to turn around and stab you behind the back.  They wear a mask and act like you are best friends and then gossip about you when you aren’t there to defend yourself. When dealing with a backstabber, the only time that they have any power is when you turn around.  When you want to deal with…

  • Dealing with a Backstabber
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    What is Empathy and Why is it Important?

    Empathy is important because it means that you care about other people.  This means that you can understand the emotions of other and that you care about what they are feeling. Empathy Empathy is the ability to understand what another person is going through.  Some people have an understanding of empathy while others do not.  Some feel that if you are not empathetic to others, that you are not really doing what you have to do in life, and this is a goal everyone should have. Different Types of Empathy There are different types of empathy such as: Cognitive Empathy This is when you understand how someone feels and thinks.…