Boundaries and Rules
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Rules Are Meant to Be Broken

Most people have rules that they have put on themselves and many times people don’t even think about these rules. These are just things that have always been done that way in their lives. Some people put limits on their lives and rules that they don’t even realize. They create the rules for who they are and what they believe in.

Some of the rules are meant to be broken while some are meant to be in place. If you get past your boundaries and you do things that you never thought you could do, it can be empowering and it can help you to be stronger in who you are.

Boundaries and Rules

Rules are important but having too many rules can be a bad thing. Even if you are someone that likes to see things in order, sometimes going past your comfort zone can be a good thing. Breaking some of your own rules might give you more freedom and allow you to live a little more. Maybe you always clean the house three days a week and now you are just doing it once. That is perfectly okay.

Of course, you shouldn’t break all of your rules and you need to have some boundaries and rules to protect yourself, but others are not as important as you might think.

  • Making Your Own Rules

Rules that are self-imposed are things that you put on yourself so that you can live your life according to these rules. These are often formed by what other people expect of you and what you have experienced.

The rules that are self-made are often boundaries that you make to keep yourself healthy and to live your life easier. Some rules aren’t hurtful while others are helpful such as eating healthy and taking your medication or vitamins. Other rules that you have in your life might limit you from trying things that are new.

The rules that you live by might even be passed down or superstitions that you believe in, and these are thought to help you to be in control. But the problem is that some of these rules can take away your free will and sometimes you need to let go of them and challenge yourself.

  • Are Rules Good?

Rules are good, of course, but sometimes you have rules that go beyond what you need to be doing. The rules don’t really have a purpose in your life except that you just put them there. Maybe you always feel that you have to clean and vacuum before you go to bed. This might be helpful for you in the morning, but do you let this control you? Do you find that you are avoiding doing fun things because you didn’t get that rule completed first?

Rules that are positive where you take time for yourself are a good thing. These rules make you feel better and healthier, and they balance you. These rules will help you and serve you. Rules are there to make things in your life easier and not to control you. If you are following rules that you feel are harming your free will, it might be time to break them and get rid of them.

  • Why Do People Make Rules?

There are many reasons that people make rules. They do it to have control over their life and to feel safe. Some of these rules come from the way that you were raised and the way that you were taught as a child. But, if these rules don’t serve you well now, get rid of them and move on from them.

You might even have rules that protect you from getting hurt. Maybe you’ve been hurt a lot in the past and so you set rules to not let people get close to you. These rules can also be habits and you might not even know why you have these rules.

  • Rules That Limit You

Some of the rules that you have might keep you from doing new things or taking risks. You might not try new foods, or you might not go to certain places. You might even have unhealthy eating habits from these rules, such as eating even when you aren’t hungry because you know it’s time to eat.

These rules can stop you from reaching your goals and dreams. If you are someone that is fearful of failure, you might set rules to stop you from getting new opportunities. Rules can also make it harder for you to connect with other people. A rule that doesn’t allow you to get attached to anyone can cause you to miss out on forming good relationships.

Breaking Your Own Rules

You shouldn’t have to feel bad for breaking your own rules and here are some reasons that you might want to do just that!

  • Living a Good Life

Some rules keep you from living your best life and they hold you back, break these rules.

  • Avoiding Risks

Don’t let rules stop you from taking risks because this can cause you to miss out on good things.

  • No Connections

Rules that cause you to miss out on good relationships need to be broken.

  • Be Spontaneous

Some rules will keep you from being spontaneous and this can cause you to miss out on fun things.


There are rules that keep you in bondage and you can break free from these rules and not be afraid of trying something new.

  • How to Break Your Own Rules

The first thing that you need to do is to figure out what rules you have set for yourself. Find out if they are there to hold you back or if they are limiting you. Challenge yourself to know the rules that are good for you and the ones that are limiting you.

  • What Are Your Rules?

Figure out what your rules are and question them. Why do you have these rules? Where did these rules come from? Why are these rules holding you back?

Breaking Rules Challenge

After you figure out the rules that you want to break, challenge yourself to do it. Don’t do something for a week and see how it works out for you. If you avoid something, challenge yourself to do it and see that it is fine for you.

  • Be Patient

Always be patient with yourself when it comes to doing something different. Don’t get overwhelmed with yourself or feel anxious. If you do, you can challenge yourself to be calm and to push past the fear.

  • Embrace Change

As you start to break the rules, you can see that this can challenge you and help you to grow and develop. You will be able to see that your life can open up to something new. Let the new things come and get excited about it.

Let yourself experiment and try new things. See what works best for you and see if these things work better than your own rules. Getting rid of old rules can empower you and can help you to live your best life.

Final Thoughts

Rules that you have put on yourself can be important and helpful, but you have to be honest with the rules that you have in place. Why are the rules there? Do they serve you to this day? Do they make you happy and help you to be able to reach your own goals? If not, it might be time to get rid of these rules and to put them away for good.

Be honest with what you want and what you need and start breaking the rules that are holding you back. Live your best life and keep pushing forward until you are living the way that you want to live.

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