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How to Have Self-Confidence

Some people overlook the idea of self-confidence, but the truth is that having more self-confidence can help you to have romantic relationships, friends and even a better job. Being confident in who you are is easier to talk about than actually feeling it. Some people are able to feel good about who they are and what they do almost at any time but for some, this isn’t so easy.

There are ways that you can learn to have more confidence in your life. Here are some ways:

Think About When You Feel Confident

Just like the times that you feel that you have no confidence, or you have a lot of doubt, think of the times when you feel good about yourself and when you are confident. By thinking about these times, it can boost your esteem and make you feel more confident.

If you felt great about yourself right now, how would you be standing, looking, and acting? Try to get to the mindset that you have had when you have more confidence.

Keep Good Posture

Having good posture is called a “power pose.” This is one way that you can feel more confident about yourself. Keeping your head high and your back where it is supposed to be can make you feel stronger and better about yourself.

When you feel down, make sure that your posture is right and if it isn’t, adjust it and see how you feel.

Say Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations are great for anything that you are feeling. When you need to feel more confident, think of a positive affirmation that makes you feel that way. It will be a phrase that helps you when you feel scared, unmotivated or have no confidence. Try to say something like, “When I feel worried, I will tell myself, ‘I’ve got this.”  Repeat this until you feel it.

Don’t Be Negative

No matter what you are feeling, don’t let yourself talk negatively about who you are. You are going to be harder on yourself than anyone else and think of things that you would never say to anyone else. Do you say these things to yourself?

If negative thoughts about yourself start to come to your mind, refuse them. Talk about your confidence and how strong you are. This might feel like you are faking it but the more you change your mindset, the more confidence you will have.

Accept Other People’s Criticism

Even though criticism is hard to accept sometimes, you have to learn to accept it and move past it. It can be hard to handle when someone tells you that you are wrong or that you messed up but even if it makes you sad, accept it and then push the feelings away.

Try to Deep Breathe

Just like having better posture can help you, deep breathing can help you to have less stress and to be calmer. When you are feeling no confidence, try some deep breathing exercises where you slowly breathe in to your nose and slowly let it out of your mouth. Do this until you feel better.

Look Good

Fix your hair and wear something that makes you feel good about yourself. Stay away from close that make you feel frumpy and put on something that improves your body image and makes you feel good.

Embrace the Bad Days

Everyone has bad days. Embrace these days and accept them. If you feel bad that day, know that you do and talk about it. Just because something is hard and something feels bad at the moment, it doesn’t mean that you have to give into it.

Don’t fight the thoughts and emotions that you are having but let them out and then move past them.

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