Gossip at Work
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Gossip at Work

Gossip will follow you to any workplace or office and people will always talk about their co-workers.  Rumors and lies are things that can ruin careers and when you find out that people are talking about you behind your back, it can be hurtful.  This can also cause the team to have no unity or productivity.

When rumors start, have these ideas in mind:

Address Them

If someone is talking about you in a way that is inappropriate, address it completely.  Gossip can be part of harassment and if you have to approach someone, do it in private.  Always be firm about how you feel about it and make sure that you let them know that you will not allow them to talk about you.

People in the HR department can help to address these situations so that there is no confrontation.  Gossiping can be a problem and talking to someone about gossiping is a way to put things on hold and to not let them go further.

Commenting on social media can be like gossip so there has to be a code of conduct.  If someone is violating these things online, it needs to be addressed.

Save Face

When you confront your attacker, keep it nice and polite.  Tell them you heard something crazy or ask them if they had said something that they need to tell you.

Think it Over

Even though gossip is hurtful, sometimes it can be helpful.  When you hear gossip about yourself, know that people are just talking about you and do not let it bother you.  Take gossip as a joke and talk about knowing how people talk about you and how they want to work with you.

Report It

If you feel that the gossip is causing you to be distracted and if you feel it is harassment, don’t hesitate to bring it to attention of someone higher than you.  Have a meeting with the HR department and have them bring the handbook out to solve the issue.  Also, remember to document it and report it when it starts so that you can solve it immediately.

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