Learn to be More Motivated
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Learn to be More Motivated

Have you ever felt like you didn’t want to do anything but lay around and be lazy? This is something that often happens to people because they are overworked or because they need to have rest. What happens though if you are no longer feeling any kind of motivation? Some people call this period in your life a slump.

If you have felt these things, you are not the only one. Some people work and have many days where they just feel that they don’t want to do anything. People often get tired of repetitive work and this can cause them to be in a fog.

Having motivation has come through exploring new things and finding things that make life exciting. When you no longer feel excited in your life, how do you stay motivated?

You do not have to live a life where you are not motivated because motivation is around you and inside of you. You need to learn to get past your slump and to get your motivation back.


Get off of your electronics and do something else. After you have answered important emails or texts, do something else like go for a walk. Spend time in nature and be healthy.


Take time to listen to people that are giving motivational speeches or podcasts. Doing this can increase the way that you are feeling and help you to pay attention to what is important. You can find thousands of speeches online and they can help you to revamp your thinking.


When life seems hard and you are in a slump, learn to give to others. Take time to volunteer your time or to help out a friend. Help people that are dealing with hard things in their lives.

Call a Friend

Find someone that you can talk to that will help you to feel more positive about your life. Let them speak life into you and help you to feel better about where you are.

If you don’t have someone close to you that will speak to motivate you, find a group or other individuals to call that have the same ideas that you have.

Be Creative

Find out how creative you are and what skills you have that you didn’t know about. Change what you are doing and how you are thinking.

Find some projects that you are good at doing and use your imagination to help you be more motivated.

Write a poem or a story or sing a song. Learn to sew or to craft.

Make a Bucket List

Write out your bucket list of things that you want to do in your life. Let the list be as exciting as you want it to be.

Some things will not be able to happen for you right away but take time to get things off of your bucket list a little at a time until you complete your list.


Find music that makes you feel happy and free. Take time to listen to this music and to feel better about who you are and where you are in life.


Take time each day to write down in a journal what you are thankful for. Doing this can show you that your life is really good and that you have a lot to be appreciative for.

You don’t have to write down everything, dig deep inside and figure out what things have really influenced and helped you to be who you are today.

Past Wins

Never forget the things that have happened in your past that have brought you wins in your life. Remember every goal and victory that you have accomplished. Think about all the things that were hard in your life that you were able to win.


Write down any ideas that you have that can encourage you to do better in your life. Do not forget your ideas and do this by writing them down.

Some people get the weirdest and best ideas out of nowhere, when an idea comes, write it down so you can see it later.


When you feel stressed and frustrated in your life, go to the gym, or go outside and do something active. Doing this can help you when you are having a bad day.

If you need your mind to be clear, figure out a workout that will help you to concentrate on yourself and to better you while you have fun and get your endorphins moving.


Get rid of your phone for a few hours and learn to stay focused on what is in front of you. If you are eating with your family, stay with them and concentrate on the conversation at hand. Set a time limit of times you will disconnect from your electronics and do other things.

Getting rid of your distractions can help you to get things done.


Learn from your past life and from things that you have done before. Know what you can do better and learn about your failures and your successes. Take time to learn about other people in history and to learn what brought them motivation.

Read a bibliography on people and learn new stories.


Take time to relax and to meditate. When you meditate you can calm your mind and get rid of stress in your life.

We all have stress and when you are able to meditate, you can calm yourself and learn to concentrate on what is important in your life.


When you have a problem you need to ask questions and to ask the right questions. Take time to research and to encourage yourself to do better.

Ask yourself what you can do to make your life better and then get rid of things that are not necessary in your life.

One problem is that you want to solve everything but that doesn’t mean you are asking the right things. Learn to start fresh each day and to move forward.


Everyone gets into a slump here and there and sometimes they have to work out of the slump to be more motivated. There are ways that you can find your motivation and if you work hard, you will see that you can overcome anything.

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