Being content with your life
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Being content with your life

Everyone feels restless and bored with their lives. Sometimes changing our attitude is as easy as trying something new or changing up the routine. Sometimes its so hard that you may feel that you are a living an unfulfilled life.

The underlying reason is that we are on a constant search for happiness. Happiness is so hard to obtain because it is not an object to obtain, it is a state of being to achieve.  Once achieved, it is hard to be maintain because everyone has a life to live and in that life their are obstacles.

So what do you do?

Strive instead to that state of contentment and satisfaction.  You can get there by appreciating what you have instead of being disappointed that things aren’t different.

It in  no way means giving up your goals and dreams.  Continue to work to strive and thrive and realize that you can enjoy your journey as you work towards your dream.  This means you can be content on the inside while working your way though challenges on the outside.You can work towards contentment in your life every day.

Here are a few tips to getting more contentment in you life:

Know your values and live them!

Be true to yourself by keeping your actions, thoughts and words in alignment with your values. Being true to yourself is the best way to find contentment. Your values are what you care about the most. They are what motivates us and revitalizes us and provides us with fulfillment.  Values are what drive us through life.

If you find yourself unhappy and trying to find a way to escape from your present, simply ask yourself if you are keeping true to your values. If you are not, find a way to do that.

Not sure what your values are? Start by writing a list and see if you can get them down to five that you can honor every day.

You need to nourish your mind, body and soul.

If you find yourself discontent with your world, start to take care of yourself.  Take care of who you are right now. If you are waiting for the perfect moment to do something you really want to do you are not making the most of what you have right now.

Find your strengths

A lot of time is spent trying to change what we don’t like. The time we don’t spend trying to change  we are talking about what we need to change. It’s hard to break away from thinking that we have to be great at everything, but the truth is everyone has weaknesses. The other side of that is that we all have strengths. Spend some time acknowledging your strengths. Make a list if you need to.  Once you know what they are, you can think of the best way to use them.

Be curious

When we grow up, we sometimes suppress our natural curiosity. It may because we don’t think we can find anything of value in it, or because we don’t think we have the time.   Embracing your curiosity can help us avoid becoming bored with our lives.  Ask questions! Learn new things!  Read something different! Try a new food! If you stay curious, you can never be bored.

Be mindful

Mindfulness can bring about peace and help reduce stress.  Mindfulness means being fully present without judging anything in that moment.  Don’t think about anything. Just be. Try to work up to this by simply being present. You can do it by taking a walk or meditating.

Stop the negativity

Sometimes it seems as if it is human nature to be negative. If something goes wrong, we fixate on it, but when something good happens we let it slide by. To reverse this process, celebrate the moment that something good happens. Let yourself experience the positivity by journaling about it or taking a picture. Keep this feeling alive for as long as you can.  It may be hard; just concentrate on giving the positive as much attention as you give the negative.

Remind yourself to be grateful.

Start by keeping track of expressing your gratitude. Think about what you are proud of every single day. What are you excited about?  What  is good in your life? Be happy for yourself. Writing it down every day will help seal it in your mind and help you revel in the contentment that is part of you daily world.

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