Spot Signs of Distress
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How to Spot Signs of Distress

When your life is good and you feel motivated, you will see that opportunities come to you and that you are able to be motivated and get things done. This can make you feel that you are excited and full of life and that life is amazing.

But then what happens when everything starts piling up on you and deadlines come in. Maybe your time gets busier and busier and you have a hard time getting things done. You become stressed and anxious and you realize that you are tired and that you rarely rest.

Everyone has been in this situation before and you need to pay attention to what your body is saying to you before you become distressed. Distress in life can cause you to have stress and anxiety and can take away your peace.

Here are some signs to pay attention to that your stress level is out of control:


Do you find that you are stressed and that you are tired? Maybe you aren’t getting rest and you feel that you aren’t able to go on. Make sure that you are getting the sleep that you need but still if it isn’t enough, take this as a sign.

Sleep Changes

People often have changes in their sleep when they are stressed or overwhelmed. This can mean that they feel that they are not getting enough sleep or when they do sleep, they are woken up over and over and have a hard time going back to sleep.

This can leave you feeling like you are not getting the sleep that you need.

Health Problems

Stress can cause you to have physical problems including headaches, pains, stomach problems and more. When you feel that your muscles are overly tight or you find that you are always clinching your muscles, pay attention.

Nervous Habits

Maybe you have nervous habits such as biting your nails or twisting your hair. This can mean you are in distress and that you are too stressed out in life.

Problems Focusing

Do distractions seem to cloud your thoughts and your judgement? Do you find that you cannot get things done on time? This can all be signs that you are not able to focus because you have too much on your plate.


Are you eating differently, or do you find that your behaviors are different than normal? Do you crave foods that you are not used to eating or do you want to drink or smoke?

Relating to People

If you find that you have a hard time relating and talking to people, you might be overly stressed. This can cause your relationships to be on edge and to cause hard feelings between friends and family.


Maybe you are defensive about everything. This can be a behavior that happens when you are nervous. Pay attention to tapping your nails and to any kind of fidgeting you are doing.

Unable to Relax

When you try to relax, you have a hard time being calm. Maybe you always have things racing through your mind and you need to learn to cope and be able to relax. This can help you to reach your goals and your deadlines.

Losing Control

If you feel that you are losing control, chances are that you feel tired and alone. You might feel that you are feeling sad and depressed. If you feel worthless or overly stressed, this can be a sign of distress.


Once you realize that you are aware of these changes of feelings, you can start striving to be better. Take time to love who you are and to get rid of the bad things in your life. Look at yourself as a winner and learn to slow down and take time to relax and be the best you can be.

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