Manifest Your Dreams
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Manifest Your Dreams

You can use the Law of Attraction to help you manifest your dreams.  This means that the Law of Attraction can be whatever you want it to be, since some people have goals and dreams, they can use this to reach them, but why?

People don’t reach their dreams because they limit themselves and the world around them.  This causes them to sabotage themselves and can lead them to regret their life.  We all have the power to make our dreams come true, but we have to be able to shift our thinking to a positive manner.  If we use the Law of Attraction to make our dreams come true, we can use our energy to never-ending possibilities.

There are some ways that you can make the Law of Attraction work for you:

New Identity

When we use the energy in our life, our thoughts work with our emotions and this is how your dreams can become real.  What happens when you start to believe that you are happier and healthier?  You get this way, the same as if you feel that you are sick or not able to reach your dreams.

Whatever way you choose to identify yourself with is going to be true to you.  It is important that you create a mindset to achieve your dreams.

Think about what you desire.  Create a new identity in yourself and say how this would make you feel and how you would change your days.

Most people can visualize their thoughts and dreams together and you have to train your mind to do this and not just take your surroundings so serious that it changes your thought pattern.

Your identity is what you decide to believe and to create in yourself.

Make a vision board and then look at the dreams and how the results come.  Figure out what you wish to be and what your ideal self would be.  This means what part of you do you wish you could create a dream about.  Live your dreams because they can be a reality for you.


Make sure that you are grateful for even simple things.  This can help you to reach your dreams.  When you become grateful for things, it creates a powerful attitude and tells the universe that you want a good life.  Giving thanks for the blessings that you have can change your attitude from negative to positive in no time.  Positive attitudes can attract positive experiences.

What does it look like when you are grateful?

Sometimes people will say that they are thankful when something good comes along.  Then, they will have a better attitude about things.

This isn’t really an attitude of gratefulness, when you have this type of attitude you make it hard for the universe to really help you.

Having gratitude is a state of mind and it changes how you respond to things emotionally.  This is when you are uplifted and believe in your world.

Some studies have shown that gratitude and dreams can go hand in hand and having positive emotions can bring forth gratitude.  Then when you show gratefulness, it can help you to get what you desire.


There is another part of the Law of Attraction that is called dream building.  This means that the best way to make dreams come true is to experience them.  Dream building motivates us to achieve our dreams by focusing on what we really want.

Let Your Dreams Manifest

Many people look for happiness based on outcomes and when you do this, it can be overwhelming.  You need to know that having control is not always a good thing.  When you are always wanting to be in control, it leaves you with negative thoughts and barriers.

When you start a relationship for example, or if you want to build a business, instead of doing the right thing, you block out these thoughts and then you can’t start relationships because you become jealous too easily and if you want to build a business then you will get frustrated because it is hard.

Instead of doing these things, you find reasons that you can’t do the job and so you just don’t.  Even though you have good intentions from the beginning, your mind blocks them and you can never achieve them.

Let your thoughts and doubts go and go for what you really want.

The only way that you can meet your dreams is if you start believing and you let go of everything else.

The Law of Attraction says that you are going into the world and that you have positive energy to do this.  Let the universe help you and do its job and your job is to be positive and believe in yourself.  When you can do this, you can have no choice but to meet your dreams.

You need to use the Law of Attraction to manifest your dreams by seeing them and then putting them into action to make them happen!

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