When Life is Uncertain
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When Life is Uncertain

When things are uncertain, it can mean that you have all kinds of possibilities that are going to open up to you. If you want to know about your past and you cannot remember, look at the way that your life is now. Think about what you want in your future and what kind of actions you are taking to get there.

Reality will only come when there is uncertainty in your life. We all have a place in our life where we want to make plans and we have to learn to be courageous.

We want to be in control of our life, but life is unexpected when we have opportunities in front of us. We become fearful because we do not know what skills we need in order to go where we want to and to reach our goals.

We allow negativity to fill our lives and it makes us to doubt that we can do what we want. Even different events will affect our emotions.

There is a lot of stress in our lives about the future, but we have to find safety in it. Our brain wants to know when things are certain because when we have uncertainty it feels that we are out of control.

Our brain looks for a place where we can find balance and where we can work to keep our life strong. We are worried about our survival and we learn that the things we stress about can cause us to be stressed and anxious which will affect our wellbeing.

We have to learn to look at things such as our relationships, careers and health and know that things in life change and that we are able to handle the change. Even though we become stressed in life, we might come up with the idea that we can be in control.

We have to learn that losing control is both a blessing and a curse and that it can affect our safety. We might even realize that limited control is better than no control.

Our mind looks at our circumstances and makes them feel less dramatic than they are. Our mind helps us to understand negative things and to let the fear of not knowing affect us and scare us.


We have to learn to have faith that things will be okay. We have to let our heart guide us and let our emotions not be in control.

Accepting things that are uncertain means that we have to change the way that we look at things. We have to let the forces of nature help us instead of fight against them. We have to realize that even when we are uncomfortable that we are led by our fears and insecurities.

We cannot let our stress and anxieties take over our mind or else we will risk running instead of getting comfortable with the hardships of life.

When anxiety comes and we have a hard time dealing with our wellbeing, we have to learn to understand our motivation and to let go of the stress.

If you are fearful, you have to learn to use the emotion to your advantage. Fear can help you to achieve what you want and to find answers even in uncertain times. We have to learn to commit to life and the cycles of it. Change is scary but it is imperative.

Being comfortable when things are not certain is showing that you are wanting something better. It shows that you are changing and evolving and that you are facing your fears. It shows that you can face things head on.

If you are worried about things in your life and you are not able to take control of it, learn to be in control of some things. Let go of the fear and learn to accept the unknown things. Take your journey and go with it.

When you are not certain about things, look at your past and learn that you can make new choices. This gives you opportunities to have a stronger future.

The curiosity that you have will affirm your beliefs and show you that you are learning lessons and being strong.

When you want to know what is happening in the future, learn to embrace your present and uncertainty in your life. Allow yourself to move past things that scare you and to embrace the unknown.

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