Making a decision on compassion when it’s hard
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Making a decision on compassion when it’s hard

Being compassionate towards those we value is easy. Nevertheless, it’s hard to be compassionate to those who have done us wrong or those we don’t love. If any situation like this arises and you are expected to be compassionate, below are things you can do even when it’s hard.

Do not concentrate too much on their habits

Showing compassion to someone who has deeply hurt you is not easy. Interacting with them becomes hard. It’s true that hurtful and malicious behavior usually comes from a place of pain in that person’s life. You can seek the advice of a psychic to help you unveil the truth behind the individual’s behavior. Once you are aware of reasons they behave that way, you will begin to be easy on them.

Put yourself in their shoes

Compassion and empathy involve putting yourself in another’s shoes. Everybody goes through a hard time in life including those you don’t like. Are they not worthy of forgiveness like the people you like? Do away with your emotions for a while and focus on what the other individual is experiencing. You may be shocked that through that you will start a good relationship.

Small gestures mean a lot

Compassion doesn’t involve big displays. If you are not comfortable pouring affection, then you shouldn’t. sending a text message just to show you’re there for them is enough. Even a small thing will really mean a lot to that individual. You can as well pray for them and pray for yourself too to do away with the negative thoughts that you have towards them.

See their good side

Each and everyone has a good side even those you don’t like. In this life, not everyone will like you and you will not like everyone. Some individuals will always see something wrong with or in you. There are some people who love this person though. Try to pay attention to their good side also.  I know it’s hard to be compassionate towards people you don’t like. Nevertheless, you can decide to be compassionate rather than have negative feelings towards them by doing so, you’ll be able to build a good relationship with them.

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