Staying Motivated When Things are Hard
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Staying Motivated When Things are Hard

Reaching your goals can be one of the best feelings in the world but the truth is, when you are trying to reach your goals, sometimes it is easy to become unmotivated and to feel like you are failing. No matter what kind of goal or project you are involved in, when you are going to succeed, you have to be motivated. This can be anywhere from a new project to losing weight.

When you reach your goal, you can find that you have a strong feeling of success or that life will reward you for doing what is right in your life. This is why that you have to keep going.

When you start feeling that your motivation is failing, here are some things you can do:

Be Positive

When you have had a hard day and reaching your goal seems harder than ever, you have to learn to change you focus. Learn to stop focusing on what you are failing at or what you are missing and learn to acknowledge what you have done right. Maybe you have had to ask someone for help but then you gave a great report that gave you a good feeling. Do not feel bad that you had to ask for help, but instead, focus on the good things that you were able to do in return.

Being on track with your goals can be hard and even stressful but if you learn to work hard, push aside your feelings and focus on goals that are smaller, you will find that you can keep working hard to reach your goals.

Small Goals

Staying motivated is hard when you have hard goals. Are you focusing on goals that are reachable? If you cannot do the goal that you set, stop being upset and disappointed with yourself and set smaller goals. You will never see a result immediately, and this takes time.

When you remember the goal you have set and you know how important it is, you can find that it will be less upsetting and a lot more rewarding as you work towards the end.


Working on a goal is no fun if you have no rewards set for yourself. You do not have to give yourself big rewards or expensive rewards but find a milestone and set it. When you reach that milestone, go buy yourself a pair of new shoes or get a coffee from a famous coffee shop. Doing this can give you extra motivation to accomplish what you set out to do.


When things get hard and busy, it is hard to remember everything. This can make success and failure only inches away from each other and can cause you to feel stressed and overwhelmed.

Put reminders around your desk or around your house. Having reminders can help you remember why you need to work hard and can help to increase your energies.

Accept It

One of the best things you can do to reach your goal is know that it will be hard. When you go to the gym, getting on the elliptical or the stair machine is going to be hard. Your legs will not want to do, and you will have to force yourself to push through.

Even if it is hard, do it anyways. Reward yourself when you go that extra mile.

Sticking to goals is not always easy or fun, it is hard and trying but reaching your goal is out of this world. When the results come, pay attention to how it makes you feel and learn to stay motivated. Even when it is hard or boring, keep moving forward till you reach your goals.

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