Not Being Clingy
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Not Being Clingy

Being clingy has two parts, the first part that you are there too much, or you are showing your insecurities to the person you are around.

Everyone wants to be around someone that they like, and everyone is insecure in one way or another but when you first begin a relationship, you want to be careful to not be too clingy.

The first impressions in a relationship are important and even though no one is going to be perfect, the truth is, you want to be your best. If you are worried that you are being too clingy towards your partner, here are some things not to do:


One of the biggest problems in a relationship is that you would be jealous. If you are jealous and you are being clingy, people will label you and talk about how insecure you are. Insecurity is the one reason that people become jealous and if your partner acts interested in other people or if they are flirty, it can cause you to be jealous.

Later in the relationship, once you and your partner have a strong relationship, you can tell them that you do not like certain things that they do, but if you do this too early, it might make the relationship fail right away.

Romantic History

People that are jealous will always ask about their partners past and their love history. This is another example of being insecure in the relationship. When this happens, you are trying to measure up with other people that your partner was attracted to.

This is not a good thing, especially in an early relationship, because it shows insecurity and makes you look like you are being jealous of something that is in the past.

Free time

Let your partner have free time with their friends, family and even their hobbies. Just because you are in a relationship does not mean that your partner needs to spend every waking minute with you. Your partner and you need to have a life outside of the relationship.

Schedule time that you can hang out with your friends and let him hang out with his friends. Make sure you are your own person.

Social Life

Do not get rid of your friends or your family just because you are in a relationship. Just because you have a new partner does not mean that you should stop having a social life. Hanging out with your partner is great but doing this too much will make it look like you are being clingy.

Do not get rid of a good relationship just to be in another form of relationship. Make plans to hang out with your friends and family and give yourself space to breathe in the relationship.


Personal time is one of the healthiest things in a relationship. Being in a relationship means that you should have a balance in your life. You should hang out with your partner, hang out with your family and friends and have plans to do things such as a hobby that you like or a job or class that you are taking.

Make sure your relationship is strong and do this by giving the relationship space.


Know what you are looking for before you go into a relationship. If you want them to call or text you each day, let them know that you want this. If you want to have time with friends and family, let them know this ahead of time.

Everyone needs time such as alone time or time with other people. If you are not setting expectations in your relationship, it will never work out.


Open communication is one of the most important things in a relationship. You have to learn to talk to your partner and to invest conversation in them. It is important that you set boundaries and that you build trust with your partner so that you can trust each other.

Building trust can help to get rid of insecurities that you would have. You will have to learn to be upfront with what you want and need in your relationship and where your feelings are coming from.


When you are clingy, it is something that is not reasonable for you or your partner. You should be allowed to ask your partner for things that you want and things that you wish for in the relationship. By doing this, you will be less clingy, and you will have more respect for each other.

Learn to be fair and to not ask your partner for things that are unreasonable or unfair. Learn to be less clingy if you want to have a relationship that lasts.

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