Stopping Emotional Manipulation
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Stopping Emotional Manipulation

There are people that will manipulate others and make them feel bad because they don’t want them to be happy. This is considered emotional manipulation and is something that you need to remove yourself from if you are in it.

Here are some ways that you can deal with emotional manipulation:

Emotional Manipulator

You might tell someone something that has hurt your or caused you pain and instead of apologizing, they are telling you the reason that they did what they did and they are proving to you that they are not a bit sorry. Even though you said what you had to say, this means that you have nothing left to say because you are not going to get the response that you want to get from them.

No matter what the circumstance is, you are being manipulated and you have to learn to not accept them giving you some ridiculous answer and not apologizing. Dealing with someone that is emotionally blackmailing you will cause you not to have trust. Stop ignoring what you are feeling and when you have an emotional manipulator, learn to move on and get rid of their garbage.


When you ask someone to help you, they are always there but maybe they will ask you first if they can help. If you ask them to help you and they sigh, and you find out that they don’t even really want to help you then you need to tell them to not help you.

They will then turn it around and make you feel that you are unreasonable and rude. One thing that emotional manipulators are good at is making you accountable for what they do and say. Never allow them to do this to you and tell them what you need or don’t need and walk away.


When you find yourself in a place where you are writing down what you are saying because you are with someone that makes you feel that you are losing your mind, you are dealing with an emotional manipulator. Learn to walk away from this.

Things are not always black and white and when you are with someone that is making you question your own sanity; this is very dangerous. You have to learn to discern an emotional manipulator and you have to learn to pay attention to the conversation.

You are not always forgetful, and you do not need to write everything down. Remove this person from your life and you will see that they are full of it when you talk to them.

Guilty Feelings

Emotional manipulators can make you feel bad for saying what you have to say or for being silent. Being emotional is okay and you do not have to give an explanation to someone for what you are feeling or feel guilty for it.

Guilt is not something that you should have to face when you are with someone and someone that is an emotional manipulator will play the victim with you. They will make you feel like you have to care for them and fight for them.

When you do this, they will turn around and tell you they didn’t want that from you. Try to not fight with them or play into their game but learn to know what they are doing.

Fighting Dirty

People that are manipulators do not play fair. They will act like they like you but talk about you behind your back. They will be passive aggressive, and they will do things to show you that they are not happy and make you come across like a jerk.

When you are with someone that treats you like this, you need to expect them to act ugly towards you and to not really care about you.


No matter what is going on, an emotional manipulator will be there in your life and will make you feel terrible. They will take the conversations that you have and will always turn it on themselves.

You will get hurt by them and you will never be able to be the one that is in the spotlight. Learn from this and trust your gut feeling.

Emotional Climate

An emotional manipulator can change a happy room into an angry or sad room. This can cause you to feel out of place and make them feel better. You will always be there to fix them when they are broken and so they will use you.

This kind of person will want you around to always fix them.


An emotional manipulator will never be responsible for their own behavior. They will treat you the way that they want, and they will only give you the information they want to give you.

They will make you feel sorry for them and they will be emotional to you. They will be vulnerable with you, or you will think they are but then they will turn around and cause you problems.

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