Why Does Putting a Stop to Gossip Matter?
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Why Does Putting a Stop to Gossip Matter?

Gossip is a hurtful thing and it can cause you problems in your inner life and outside of your life. Gossiping can cause you to have to deal with things that other people are talking about and most of the time the gossip isn’t even true.

Most people have been on both sides of the gossip, where they are gossiping or being gossiped about. You might have even told a friend a secret that was important to you only to find out later that they have told everyone, sharing all of your personal information. This is a quick way to feel completely betrayed.

Gossip is one thing that people do not eat or use that can be considered an addiction. People get addicted to sharing gossip and they do it so that they can fill in empty spots in their life.

When someone gossips, it can be in the form of sharing things that you talk about. This can be to a friend, a family member and even a stranger. People are used to talking about problems other people have and that is why so many people read magazines about movie stars.

If you spend your time paying attention to how you talk about people, you will begin to see that you are sharing more information about people than you should. When you are a gossiper, it is a habit that has to be broken and that is not too hard.

There are different ways that you can stop this addiction and one way is through your spiritual journey. You can change the way that you view your own spiritual world, and this can help you to mature and help you to get your gossiping under control.

Some people have a hard time not talking about others and not gossiping and things like yoga can help you to be stronger. Gossiping is something you can stop doing but most people need to talk about things in order to feel that they are part of social groups.

Sociability is important and people that work together or go to school together often talk about others and it is hard to stop gossiping. When gossiping is a problem, there are ways that you can continue to talk without talking about other people. Remember, gossiping can hurt people’s reputation and their feelings.

What is the difference between good gossip and bad gossip? Good gossip can at least be harmless, but you have to be careful what you say.

Good Gossip

Gossip has different social functions such as exchanging information. When people run out of things to talk about, talking about someone else can help them to get to know the other person. It is good to hear things from a different perspective sometimes.

Gossip is also a way that we monitor one another. Society will do this as a way to make sure that people are doing what they should be doing. If they are acting unethical or doing things they shouldn’t do, talking about it will let the people know what is happening.

Fear can come out of people and gossip can cause people to be exploited. If gossip gives insight to other people, it can cause drama. There are stories that will stick with us and when we talk about other people, we learn to find out the mystery of who they are. Why do we see them the way they are? What behavior do they teach you about?

Bad Gossip Vs. Good Gossip

When you overstep your lien and your story becomes big and irresistible, chances are it becomes gossip. You have to be careful, especially if you are addicted to gossip, as to what you say. Gossip can go from being good gossip to being bad gossip fast.

Have you ever felt bad and went to lunch with a friend and realized that they gave you information that you need to share with someone else? Have you ever felt guilty about something someone said to you and you find you hold it against them?

Make sure that you know the difference between good and bad gossip. Good gossip can leave you feeling good and being closer to someone you have connected with. This feels like you are getting information and catching up with friends.

Learn to talk about people in a positive way. Check out and notice their good traits such as how smart they are and how fun they are. Talk about positive things and learn to share good details.

Do not be careless about what you say and make sure that you are not bad mouthing someone. If you hear this, walk away, and do not engage in this kind of talk. Gossip that is negative is something that you need to move away from. Consider how much this can change your feelings about someone you know, when the talk is negative.

Stop Gossiping

Yoga and other spiritual communities can offer you opportunities to spread news and sometimes to even share secrets. Learn to be truthful when you talk to people and be careful what you share if they have breakdowns or have something, they need to tell you that is serious.

Ask yourself what kind of harm you would cause if you spread what they say to you. Some situations will make you responsible for what people say to you. If you start your sentence out by saying, “Someone told me,” then this is a possibility that you should stop there. You do not have to share every opinion and thought someone says.

Do not think of people in negative ways and do not spread news that people give you if it is negative, even if it is true. Most of us would be repeating false information and this is probably stuff that isn’t true and will hurt someone.

Saying things and communicating things that hurt others is pointless. We don’t have to talk about the faults that others have or condemn others for things that they have done wrong.

This kind of gossip hurts, and it can cause paint between people. If you gossip about someone, they will talk about you and you will feel the same.

Negative gossip hurts you as well because people will not trust you and they will never tell you things. This can make you feel bad and make you not want to be around people that talk negatively. Remember the karma that you can get when you gossip.

Make sure that you are not negative towards other people, even if they have hurt you. Do not spread gossip just because you are upset. Notice how you feel and allow yourself to heal and do this by moving on and moving forward.

Kick It

Stop the habit of gossip. Do not be addicted to this anymore and learn to be honest but learn what you should and what you shouldn’t say. Any gossip should just not be said and especially negative gossip. Do not feel comfortable about the mistakes and suffering of other people and learn to not talk about tit.

Talking about people can reveal things about yourself that are private and hurtful so avoid it. Learn to stop gossiping and leave behind negative gossip. If your co-workers are doing it, learn to walk away and do not take pleasure in the pain of people.

Do not be satisfied when you hear about a breakup or when you hear negative news. Learn to walk away when this conversation starts and learn to be more positive.

We all have insecurities and we all sometimes measure ourselves against other people in our lives. We often resort to gossip because we want to make others feel worse than we do.

Some of the darkest reasons for gossip is to get even and we have to learn to not do that. When someone hurts you or you are angry or fighting with someone, do not gossip about them but learn to approach them and tell them what you are feeling. Talk to your friends or someone you trust.

Sharing vengeful gossip can make you feel better at the moment, but it will always come back to hurt you. Later when you find a new relationship or friendship, this can come back to you and make you look dishonest or rude.

Rather you mean to or not, do not talk about people to validate your own hurt feelings. People will suffer from gossip and you need to be careful what you say.

We all gossip sometimes, and we all hear gossip, but we need to learn to be more aware. We need to learn to decipher between what we should listen to or what we should walk away from. Gossip can feel good but learn to be honest with who you are and show others you are better than that.

You do not have to be in conversation with people that want to gossip. Learn to have your own conversations and learn to discipline yourself to say good things. If you are around someone that wants to bad mouth someone, walk away. Do not spread rumors or harm others. Do not be involved in gossip.

You can plant good fruits to others and stay silent and walk away and then you can help others instead of hurting them.

Recover from Gossip

Here are some ways you can learn to recover from gossip:

Gossip Buddy

Find someone that you can talk to and if you have gossip to share, just tell it to them. They can keep your secrets and you can get out what you need to say.

Catch It

Learn to know if you are making rude remarks or if you are saying stuff you shouldn’t say.


Notice what it feels like after you gossip. Notice what kind of taste it leaves in your mouth. Learn to see this as a negative thing so that you do not gossip next time.

Say No

Choose to walk away when people are gossiping about others. Do not get involved in the conversation and learn to walk away. This is a habit you can break as long as you just learn to walk away.


Do not judge others when something is said, it might not even be true. Do not spread something especially if you have no proof.

Gossip Fast

Do a gossip fast. This means refuse to be part of gossip for a certain period of time. You will feel proud of yourself for being able to do this. Do not repeat anything that you hear even if it is juice. Learn to get rid of empty feelings and to only say positive things.

When you deny the urge to gossip you will feel better about who you are and what you are doing in your life.

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