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What is Empathy and Why is it Important?

Empathy is important because it means that you care about other people.  This means that you can understand the emotions of other and that you care about what they are feeling.


Empathy is the ability to understand what another person is going through.  Some people have an understanding of empathy while others do not.  Some feel that if you are not empathetic to others, that you are not really doing what you have to do in life, and this is a goal everyone should have.

Different Types of Empathy

There are different types of empathy such as:

Cognitive Empathy

This is when you understand how someone feels and thinks.

Emotional Empathy

When you can share someone’s emotions with them; if they are sad, you are sad.

Compassionate Empathy

This is when you understand how someone and can relate to what they are doing.

Importance of Empathy

It is important to be empathetic because it allows you to have compassion for other people.  It can affect how you have relationships and allow you to be kind and romantic.  When people think on their own interests, they become self-centered and forget about others.


In work, it is important to understand what your co-workers are going through and to learn how to get along with them.  You can use this to manage your empathy for others and will more than likely get along better with the people you work with and your boss.


In a world full of hurt and confusion, people need to have empathy.  We need to understand what others are going through and how we can help them.

Being Born with Empathy

There is some evidence that people can be born with empathy but most of the time empathy is taught.  Parents can teach children to be empathetic and it is a way that we teach others how to love and be kind to everyone.

If a child hurts another child, you have to teach them that it is wrong and teach them to speak kindly and to love each other.  This line of thought is positive and can help people to learn more about themselves in the process.

Improve Empathy

It is easy to train someone from a child to be empathetic, but it is harder to do it for adults.  It still is possible though and one great way is to have people read a book about empathy.  When people read, it allows them to enter into a new world and to identify with the characters in the book.

Discovery is important because it allows people to learn to understand different groups and different people that are not the same as they are.  It allows them to identify with different groups.


When we want to increase our empathy, we have to learn to listen to others.  Let people tell their story and learn to identify with them.  This is a way to understand how they are feeling.

Listening allows us to set our own thoughts aside and see what others think and feel about something.

Understanding Other People

We have to learn to identify with people that are different than us.  If we work in a diverse workplace, we have to be able to have compassion for people that are not like us.

It is important to understand that people are different and that they have different thoughts and emotions.  We have to get rid of biases and learn to relate and see other points of view.


You can learn to understand new people and be more empathetic by widening your group of friends and the people you hang out with.  Learn to find things in common with people that are different than you and this will increase your empathy.

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