• Letting Go of Old Friends
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    Letting Go of Old Friends and Knowing When Enough is Enough

    We all have reasons to keep friendships going but what happens when your friendship or relationship is toxic? When this happens, many people still stay in them because they feel that they are better off to be with someone toxic than to be alone. Sometimes you feel that you are making the right choice to keep people in your life that aren’t good for you. If you have a hard time meeting good friends, this could be because you have friendships that are no longer healthy for you. They might be people that take up all of your energy and even though the friendship isn’t doing anything good for you,…

  • Learn to Enjoy Being Alone
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    Learn to Enjoy Being Alone

    Happiness is not who you are around or where you are, happiness is what is inside of you. When you are able to control your thoughts then you will see that you can be happy. There will be times, for everyone, where you will feel alone and where you might be afraid, this is normal but the idea that being close to someone makes you not be lonely is not true. You are probably busy, and you find that you are busy with life and that you are very productive in what you do. Maybe you are trying to keep your mind busy so that you are able to go…

  • Why Does Putting a Stop to Gossip Matter?
    Relationship Coaching

    Why Does Putting a Stop to Gossip Matter?

    Gossip is a hurtful thing and it can cause you problems in your inner life and outside of your life. Gossiping can cause you to have to deal with things that other people are talking about and most of the time the gossip isn’t even true. Most people have been on both sides of the gossip, where they are gossiping or being gossiped about. You might have even told a friend a secret that was important to you only to find out later that they have told everyone, sharing all of your personal information. This is a quick way to feel completely betrayed. Gossip is one thing that people do…

  • How Gossip Can Hurt Your Soul
    Relationship Coaching

    How Gossip Can Hurt Your Soul

    Have you ever been accused of something that wasn’t true?  Have you ever worked in a job where you wanted to just leave where you were because people were talking to you? Have you ever been in a situation here you were accused of something and other people got on the bandwagon only to later discover that the gossip against you was a lie? The thing about gossip is that it can destroy a reputation very fast and it can lead to stories and more stories that aren’t even true. When you gossip or listen to gossip, you are supporting stories against others. Truth Some people believe that they are…

  • Not Being Clingy
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    Not Being Clingy

    Being clingy has two parts, the first part that you are there too much, or you are showing your insecurities to the person you are around. Everyone wants to be around someone that they like, and everyone is insecure in one way or another but when you first begin a relationship, you want to be careful to not be too clingy. The first impressions in a relationship are important and even though no one is going to be perfect, the truth is, you want to be your best. If you are worried that you are being too clingy towards your partner, here are some things not to do: Jealousy One…

  • Helping Children Cope with Anger
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    Helping Children Cope with Anger

    Anger is difficult for any person to navigate, but it especially tricky for children to process.  Often, society views anger as an explosion of negative thoughts and emotions.  It can be association with extreme sadness, and an abundance of unceasing thoughts or impulses. Typically, people repress the initial waves of frustration in order to get through the moment.  Unfortunately, this is a pattern we then teach the children in our lives.  We coach kids that anger is unhealthy and something to be punished for experiencing.  We even minimize the stressors they are experiencing (Quit crying or I’ll give you something to cry about.  You don’t know how easy you have…

  • Defining a Relationship
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    Slow Moving or Surface-Level: Defining a Relationship

    You may be wondering if your relationship is the real deal because of how slowly it has been moving or if it is something that is about to end because it was never really that deep. When this type of situation occurs, a couple may fight labelling things or talking about the future which can lend itself to worry. Do not jump to conclusions, there are notable differences that can help determine your relationship status. Keep in mind that slow is not necessarily bad because it allows for time to get to know the other person deeply. This leads to feeling emotionally safe and builds a strong relationship foundation. There…

  • Being Too Nice in a Relationship
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    Being Too Nice in a Relationship

    When you work in places that make you show your feeling and make you feel that you have to be nice, you might see that sometimes when you are too nice that your relationship can be ruined.  Sometimes, you will be around people that will make you feel that being too nice is not something to be upset about but being too nice really can ruin your relationships.    Being in unhealthy relationships can be centered around abuse and negativity and when you talk to couples that make it a long time in strong relationships, you will see that some of the problems that they did have in their relationships…

  • Falling in Love with a Friend
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    Falling in Love with a Friend

    The best thing about falling in love with a friend is finding out that the friend feels the same way about you. But what if they don’t? It would heartbreaking. Here are three steps you should follow if you’ve fallen in love with a friend: Analyze your feelings to be certain they’re valid. Having romantic feelings toward a friend is confusing. Questions buzz around inside your head: “What am I feeling? Is it true love, or is it just a crush?” You must be sure that what you’re feeling is love before you start thinking about if you want to try to escalate your friendship into a romantic relationship. Make…

  • Making a Guy Horny
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    Making a Guy Horny

    When you want to make a guy horny, you have to understand that not all guys are turned on by the same things.  You have to find the right strategy to get your guy horny without acting like a slut or being weird. How to Get Your Guy Horny The first thing that you want to do is set the mood.  Find a place to be that will turn your guy on and make him interested in you.  The best place is not going to be a public place like a football or basketball game.  This will be a place you like to go and have fun, but this place…