• Moon Sign
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    When the Moon Sign Affects Your Feelings

    When you look at astrology, you know that the sun sign isn’t the only important thing that tells you who you are. There are other things that can help you to understand why you think and act the way that you do. Your moon sign is equally as important. You can understand the signs in this way: Sun sign: Means that you have an outer self and ego. Moon sign: Means that you have an inner self and strong emotions. Rising sign: Means that you like your appearance, or you are impressed with things. As you understand these three signs you can learn to understand your personality and how complex…

  • Karmic Ties
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    Getting Rid of Karmic Ties

    Do you need to be free from something that always seems to hold you back? Getting free from karmic ties can help you to find your freedom and to be released into good mental health. Having karmic ties can leave you feeling sad, angry, upset, emotional and even holding unforgiveness. Being in relationships that are toxic can make you question what is going on in your life and chances are this happens because you are stuck in a karmic tie. Even though these ties feel weird to us, we often do not try to find the healing that we need. Karmic ties can leave you feeling confused and can stop…

  • Feng Shui
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    Using Feng Shui to Have Romance

    Do you have romantic relationships, but you want them to be stronger? Have you tried different things and you found that nothing seems to be working? The truth is that your environment might need some help. Feng shui is something that you can use to make your home more open to romance. The bedroom is going to be the best place to start but the rest of your home can make a welcoming environment. Bedroom Put things in your bedroom that are pairs. Put two hearts or two stars. This promotes being together or being a couple. Put your bed in the middle of the room or out of the…

  • Rumors
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    How to Handle Rumors

    People at school often face things with rumors and the spreading of untruth. This can cause people to be turned against and can cause them to have to face pain at school. When people spread rumors, it can cause other things to happen, and it can be intimidating and hard. Some people spread rumors to become more popular but when this happens, it has to be seen as a form of bullying. This can be serious and can cause a lot of hurt and pain against the person that is getting the rumors spread about them. Rumors are gossip that is not kind and is hurtful. This can cause someone…

  • Stop Letting People Do These Things to You
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    Stop Letting People Do These Things to You

    It is hard for people to stand up for themselves sometimes. This is something that takes courage and grace. When you deal with people that are angry or hostile towards you, you have to set boundaries and not let them do things to you that hurt you. You can decide to not let the actions of others hurt your heart and come into your mind. You can walk away and learn to live a better life. Here are ways to do that: Don’t let people bring you into arguments that are pointless. Don’t waste your time trying to prove who you are or to let people understand you. You don’t…

  • Letting Go of Old Friends
    Relationship Coaching

    Letting Go of Old Friends and Knowing When Enough is Enough

    We all have reasons to keep friendships going but what happens when your friendship or relationship is toxic? When this happens, many people still stay in them because they feel that they are better off to be with someone toxic than to be alone. Sometimes you feel that you are making the right choice to keep people in your life that aren’t good for you. If you have a hard time meeting good friends, this could be because you have friendships that are no longer healthy for you. They might be people that take up all of your energy and even though the friendship isn’t doing anything good for you,…

  • Learn to Enjoy Being Alone
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    Learn to Enjoy Being Alone

    Happiness is not who you are around or where you are, happiness is what is inside of you. When you are able to control your thoughts then you will see that you can be happy. There will be times, for everyone, where you will feel alone and where you might be afraid, this is normal but the idea that being close to someone makes you not be lonely is not true. You are probably busy, and you find that you are busy with life and that you are very productive in what you do. Maybe you are trying to keep your mind busy so that you are able to go…

  • Why Does Putting a Stop to Gossip Matter?
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    Why Does Putting a Stop to Gossip Matter?

    Gossip is a hurtful thing and it can cause you problems in your inner life and outside of your life. Gossiping can cause you to have to deal with things that other people are talking about and most of the time the gossip isn’t even true. Most people have been on both sides of the gossip, where they are gossiping or being gossiped about. You might have even told a friend a secret that was important to you only to find out later that they have told everyone, sharing all of your personal information. This is a quick way to feel completely betrayed. Gossip is one thing that people do…

  • How Gossip Can Hurt Your Soul
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    How Gossip Can Hurt Your Soul

    Have you ever been accused of something that wasn’t true?  Have you ever worked in a job where you wanted to just leave where you were because people were talking to you? Have you ever been in a situation here you were accused of something and other people got on the bandwagon only to later discover that the gossip against you was a lie? The thing about gossip is that it can destroy a reputation very fast and it can lead to stories and more stories that aren’t even true. When you gossip or listen to gossip, you are supporting stories against others. Truth Some people believe that they are…

  • Not Being Clingy
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    Not Being Clingy

    Being clingy has two parts, the first part that you are there too much, or you are showing your insecurities to the person you are around. Everyone wants to be around someone that they like, and everyone is insecure in one way or another but when you first begin a relationship, you want to be careful to not be too clingy. The first impressions in a relationship are important and even though no one is going to be perfect, the truth is, you want to be your best. If you are worried that you are being too clingy towards your partner, here are some things not to do: Jealousy One…