How Gossip Can Hurt Your Soul
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How Gossip Can Hurt Your Soul

Have you ever been accused of something that wasn’t true?  Have you ever worked in a job where you wanted to just leave where you were because people were talking to you? Have you ever been in a situation here you were accused of something and other people got on the bandwagon only to later discover that the gossip against you was a lie?

The thing about gossip is that it can destroy a reputation very fast and it can lead to stories and more stories that aren’t even true. When you gossip or listen to gossip, you are supporting stories against others.


Some people believe that they are not gossiping when they tell something that is true. In reality, if something is harmful to someone then you are violating their reputation when you talk about them. This can ruin someone that has a good reputation and make it where they cannot even defend themselves.

Is Listening Wrong?

When you don’t’ spread gossip or talk negatively about others but you are listening to the gossip then you are just as guilty. Here are some ways that listening to gossip can hurt your spiritual life:

Telling Others

When someone tells you not to tell anyone then this should be a sign that someone is saying stuff that they shouldn’t stay. Listening to these things can hurt someone’s reputation and is unfair.


Hearing information that is bad can be a sin in your life.


When you listen to gossip it can be something you have in common with the devil. This means you are enjoying hurt of others.


The truth is that you cannot forget when something is told to you and it can hurt your relationship with them or make you love them less.


Listening to gossip makes you judge others.


When you listen to someone gossiping, you are encouraging them to do something wrong. By refusing to listen to them you are telling them you are against it.


Gossip is unloving someone. If you are a spiritual worker then you need to be careful what you are listening to. This can hurt your spiritual walk.

Back to You

When you refuse to listen to gossip, when someone gossips about you, someone else will refuse to listen to it. If you listen, the same will come back to you.


Agreeing to listen to gossip means you are approving someone of talking bad about someone.


If you are around someone that is talking gossip, then you are guilty. You need to walk away and be a good example to yourself and others.


When you find yourself being fed negative information about others, it can be interesting and shocking. Listening to it is wrong. You need to learn to walk away from people that are putting others down. This is something that means you can show value in your personality and show what a good person you are.

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