Letting Go of Old Friends
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Letting Go of Old Friends and Knowing When Enough is Enough

We all have reasons to keep friendships going but what happens when your friendship or relationship is toxic? When this happens, many people still stay in them because they feel that they are better off to be with someone toxic than to be alone. Sometimes you feel that you are making the right choice to keep people in your life that aren’t good for you.

If you have a hard time meeting good friends, this could be because you have friendships that are no longer healthy for you. They might be people that take up all of your energy and even though the friendship isn’t doing anything good for you, you keep it up because you want to not hurt anyone. This could be a reason why you are unable to attract people in your life that are good.

Once you realize that you need to heal areas in your life, you might realize that you need to let go of some friendships. These friendships probably should have ended many years ago but maybe you were afraid that if you let them go, you wouldn’t have any other friends.

Chances are that you have made it this far in your life and so you felt that keeping the friendships wasn’t that bad. Maybe now though, you are starting to question that, and you believe that letting some of the friendships go might be the best for you. Here are some reasons to let go of some of these friendships:

Gossiping Girl

If you have friends that are judging you or gossiping about you or someone else, this can look bad on you. Maybe they are always giving you their problems and calling others out. If this is happening, this is not a good sign and you don’t want to always have to deal with everyone else’s emotions.

Boring Times

When you get to the point where you no longer have conversations that are benefiting you or growing, it might feel like a chore to even talk to that person. Maybe you no longer have the same interests and its time to move forward.

Planning and Cancelling

When you are with someone that is always canceling plans with you and you never get a chance to really meet up with them, the universe might be giving you a sign to move on. This could mean that this person is there at the wrong time in your life and it isn’t a time to stay strongly connected with them.

Keeping It Alive

You might have a friend that never hardly responds to you and when they do, they make it hard to have a conversation or make it seem like it is hard to talk to you. Maybe your friend is always ghosting you or ignoring you.

If you have a friend like this, you are not their priority and you need to let your heart heal and let them go.

Things Don’t Feel Good

Maybe your intuition is telling you that something isn’t right with this person. If you just have a feeling in your gut and no other reason, chances are that you should listen. Your intuition is there to guide you down the right path and if you choose not to listen, you could end up in a bad situation. Your intuition knows more than you do.


Look at the friends that you have in your life and see if you need them to stay in your life or if you need to walk away. Be kind to people that you know and when you show kindness, you make new friends. Remember that people, just like seasons change and sometimes it is time to move forward in your life.

The best thing to do is to get rid of friendships that no longer bring you joy. Do not stay in relationships that are old or that are no longer benefiting you in any way.

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