What Things Can Only Hold You Back?
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What Things Can Only Hold You Back?

There are things in everyone’s life that holds them back from time to time and here is a list of things that you need to stop letting hold you back:

Phone Numbers

People that never answer your texts and phone numbers that you never really call or respond to.

Uncomfortable Exchanges

Things that you have saved so that you can read them over and over again like mean or uncomfortable text messages or emails. These will make you feel bad all over again each time you read them.

Online Subscriptions

Subscriptions or online stores that you cannot afford. They send you tons of spam mail and get you to spend money that you shouldn’t.


Bitterness or unforgiveness to a friend or co-worker.


Having expectations to be perfect or to be able to do things on your own.

Friends on Facebook

People on your Facebook that you don’t care about or plan on speaking to or meeting up with in person. They just aggravate you when you read their stuff.


Having an idea that you need to keep your work people as professionals instead of allowing there to be friendships formed.


Magazines that have skinny and perfect looking people that make you feel bad about how you look or how you dress.

Personal Space

People in your life that don’t allow you to have your own personal space.

Hang Out Friends

People that want to hang out with you because you buy them stuff or when they need a designated driver. They are not interested otherwise in what you do or say.


Thinking that you should have everything that you want instead of being happy with having what you need.

Name Brand Desires

The idea that you have to have everything that is name brand so that you can have the best stuff. You should be happy with outlet stores or off brand stuff.


Pictures of yourself where you were skinnier or better looking or pictures that make you feel ugly now.

Junk Food

Junk food that makes you want to eat it when you are feeling low or bad about yourself.

Weird People

People in your life that make you feel weird or self-conscious because they are always making comments about stuff.

Coffee Shop

The idea that you have to go to a coffee shop each morning when you can make a pot of your own at home.


Memories that make you think they were the best times in your life. You don’t want to always be thinking that life is taking you downward.

Old Medical Things

Old medicine or medical equipment that you had when you got hurt or sick. Get rid of it.


Being resentful of people that have better than you or that you are thinking are happier than you are.


The idea that you can spend so much time working at home and at work and that you will get everything done. You are just putting in too many hours.


Family members that make you feel bad about who you are and what you do.


Loving people that never will love you back and that don’t care about what you feel or what you are doing in your life at any given moment.

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